About Injectable Manufacturing

Injectable manufacturing refers to the production process involved in the creation of various injectable medications and solutions that are administered to patients through injections. It is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing, as injectables are commonly used in healthcare settings for various purposes, including delivering medications, vaccines, and therapeutic treatments.

  • Clean Rooms & Aseptic areas are built with GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Panel.
  • Integrated Bosch Filling & Sealing Line (120 Vials /Min) with IPC System & External Vial washing system under cRABS.
  • Martin Christ Lyophilizer (10.02 Sq.m) with pizza door, integrated with Auto-loading & Unloading system under cRABS
  • Fedegari Steam sterilizer (1060L) for moist Heat sterilization of change parts and other loads.
  • Propack Manufacturing vessels with Automatic CIP, SIP & Product Transfer system & Controlled by SCADA System