Analytical and Quality Control Capabilities

Teyro Labs is having in-house capability to perform all the chemical, instrumentation and microbiological tests as per Pharmacopeia and applicable specifications.

Analytical Development Laboratory is equipped for Method development and validation testing services for the clients.

Quality control Lab is equipped with all modern instruments like HPLCs, GCs, FTIR, UV-VIS spectrometer etc. for routine testing of Raw materials, Packing materials, Semi-finished, Finished products and stability testing for OSD and Injectable Oncology products.

Micro biology lab is equipped to perform all the applicable microbiological tests including method development and validation e.g. Sterility testing under isolator, BET, MLT, Water and product testing for OSD and Injectable products.

Teyro Labs has capabilities for below Analytical Laboratory services:

Raw Material Testing
Finished Product testing
Stability Testing in all required temp / RH conditions
Method Development / Method Validation
Method Transfer / Method Verification
Drug Release / Dissolution Testing
Residual Solvents Testing
Elemental Impurities Testing by ICPMS