Microbiology Testing Laboratory

Microbiology laboratory has the provisions to perform efficient testing of raw materials, packing materials, validation of in-house utilities, product testing under controlled conditions as per regulatory specifications.

The microbiology laboratory has distinct classified rooms for microbial limit testing and sterility testing.

Micro biology lab is designed and equipped to perform all the relevant microbiological tests including method development and validation studies such as Sterility testing under closed isolator, Bacterial endotoxin testing by conventional method and KTA, Liquid borne particle count (LBPC), Microbial limit test (MLT), Water and product testing for OSD and Injectable products, maintenance of microbial cultures and identification of microorganisms up to species level.

The lab has individual bio-safety cabinets for testing of samples and handling of cultures, inorder to avoid contamination.

Walk-In incubators were installed in the laboratory for sufficient storage and incubation of media plates and analysed samples.

VITEK- compact -2, automated microorganism identification system for effective identification of microorganisms up to species level.

Sterilization of materials required for microbiological testing activities is caried out through Fedegari autoclave.